Research Notes

First Mays Lifetime Achievement Award given to Mike Hitt

By • March 28th, 2014 • Category: Faculty, Research Notes, Texas A&M

Mays Business School\’s inaugural Lifetime Achievement Award for Research and Scholarship was awarded to Michael A. Hitt, a University Distinguished and Joe B. Foster \’56 Chair in Business Leadership.

Despite regulations, financial analysts say private calls with executives are essential

By • May 16th, 2013 • Category: Faculty, Research Notes, Texas A&M

A new study of 365 sell-side financial analysts shows that private phone calls with managers remain an essential source of analysts\’ earnings forecasts and stock recommendations – even in light of regulations limiting businesses\’ selective disclosure of financial information.

Social media spurs higher revenue among businesses that use it

By • March 27th, 2013 • Category: Research Notes, Texas A&M

More fans on a company\’s Facebook page can help generate more income, indicates a research study conducted by four professors, including two from Mays Business School at Texas A&M University.

Industry expertise of audit firms helps companies

By • June 15th, 2012 • Category: Research Notes

Prior research finds that there is substantial variation in firms’ ability to avoid income taxes. One possible determinant of this tax avoidance variation is the influence of industry expertise of a firm’s external auditor.

A distribution solution of blockbuster proportions

By • June 12th, 2012 • Category: Research Notes

Companies who produce items such as biochemicals, ready concrete, milk, eggs and even DVDs always arrive at an important question: What is the quickest, most effective way to distribute these short shelf life products?

The “balancing act” of multilateral R&D alliances

By • June 5th, 2012 • Category: Research Notes

Think about basic economics — when you specialize in one skill and your neighbor specializes in another, you\’re both better off when you collaborate and trade amongst each other, rather than relying on your own advantages.

Automation in medical records could save lives

By • May 22nd, 2012 • Category: Research Notes

Medical errors account for 98,000 deaths each year in the U.S., according to a 1999 report published by The Institute of Medicine (IOM). In a more recent report, the IOM claims medical errors harm 1.5 million people and cost $3.5 billion every year. Interestingly, the report claims that medical errors are not due to incompetent people, but to bad systems that include the processes and methods used to carry out various functions.

Workplace health care is a growing trend to offset rising costs and improve employee health

By • January 24th, 2012 • Category: Faculty, Research Notes

In an era of soaring medical costs, providing healthcare to employees at or near their workplace is gaining new momentum, according to an article in the Winter 2012 issue of MIT Sloan Management Review.

Middle of road a preferable position for CEOs

By • July 27th, 2011 • Category: Research Notes

As a stockholder, would you prefer a CEO who is strictly rational about her firm\’s future prospects, or a CEO who is somewhat overoptimistic? Researchers at Texas A&M University show theoretically that for risk-averse CEOs, being somewhat overoptimistic is a good thing for shareholders.

Changing course, particularly in golf, can diminish experience

By • July 21st, 2011 • Category: Research Notes

Intuitively, it is clear that changes in a service environment can reduce the quality of a service at least temporarily. But what is not clear is how deeply, and for how long, major changes affect operating performance – that is, until Texas A&M University business professors Gregory Heim and Michael Ketzenberg decided to answer those questions. They chose a dramatic example of redesign and decided to focus on experience-based service companies, in general, and an area that had not been previously studied in depth: golf courses.